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The world's markets are continuing to grow closer together and manufacturers, exporters, importers – in whatever branch – have an increasing, vital and significant need for competent specialised transport logistics.

  • OCEAN TRANS is a comprehensive service provider in the international transport sector and in the field of logistics.

  • OCEAN TRANS provides its customers with a comprehensive service tailored to their individual needs with a highly qualified professional staff.

  • OCEAN TRANS has a selected, worldwide network of well-established, competent agents at its disposal who handle transportation for OCEAN TRANS on site on a country-specific basis and who take care of the shipment as well as the customers of our consignors or their suppliers.

  • OCEAN TRANS is independent and can therefore offer customer-specific overall concepts as there is excellent and close cooperation with all companies involved in the transportation – such as reputable shipping companies, railway companies and transshipment operators.

  • The contracts specially concluded by OCEAN TRANS itself are indeed an advantage for the customer.

  • OCEAN TRANS considers this its task and continues to pursue the goal of providing its customers with a coherent concept at favourable conditions as a service provider in the field of international transport as well as in logistics, carrying it out and at the same time remaining a fair and reliable partner, so that both customers and consignees receive a first-class service.

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