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Converting Long Measures to  To multiply by:
Inches centimetres 2,540
Centimetres inches 0,393701
Feet metres 0,3048 
Metres feet 3,280840
Converting Weights
Sq-inches sq-centimetres  6,4516
Sq-centimetres sq-inches 0,1550
Sq-feet sq-metres  0,0929908
Sq-metres sq-feet 10,753910
Converting Solid Measures
Cubic inches cubic centimetres  16,387064
Cubic centimentres cubic inches 0,061024
Cubic feet cubic metres  0,028317
Cubic metres cubic feet 35,314667
Converting Capacity Measures
Gallons litres 4,5460921
Litres gallons 0,219969
Converting Weights
Pounds kilograms  0,453592
Kilograms pounds 2,204623
Tons kilograms  1.016,00 
Kilograms tons 0,0009842